When divorce lawyers are called upon, they know they are likely to be dealing with an ultra sensitive matter that will have a knock-on effect to family and loved ones. From the dividing of assets to dealing with time and custody of children, the last issue either spouse wants to concern themselves with is the burden of heavy costs.

It is therefore imperative that both parties educate themselves as to the procedures and billing processes that come with hiring divorce lawyers. It is a blunt reality to face, but the more information each side has as to the pricing and investment that is necessary, the faster both parties can move on with the rest of their lives.

Domestically, divorce lawyers are reported to charge anywhere in the vicinity of $300-$500 per hour, so it is vital that this time and consultation is used sparingly.
Drafting of Consent Orders

Divorce lawyers will be able to handle many different departments that fall under the banner of family law, yet the consent order process will be right at the top of their agenda. Ideally a dispute will be as limited as possible before an amicable resolution is found and when that time arrives, it is the moment for a consent order to be drawn up where assets are divided and the negotiations are finalised. This documentation is unique and requires a family law expert to undertake the steps.

Guardianship and Custody Evaluations

As always, the unfortunate party that will be involved when divorce lawyers are brought into proceedings is the children. From matters of custody to guardianship, some children will need to be evaluated as experts make an assessment on their psychological condition and fitness of the parent.

Property law is a field all unto itself, yet divorce lawyers will have a solid background and understanding of this element when they evaluate and divide assets accordingly. A mortgage, deed or piece of property that is co-owned or singularly owned by one spouse can create a logistical barrier as a divorce proceeds. This is when refinancing must take place to illustrate the new terms that are adequate and acceptable for all concerned.
General Attorney Fees

Divorce lawyers carry their own degree of expertise and knowledge within the field, yet they are similar to general attorneys when it comes to their costing and formulating of invoices. Think of any of the day-to-day legal fees that derive from bringing aboard legal expertise and representation:

• Travel
• Printing
• Consultations
• Meetings
• Filing of papers and documents
• Acquiring witnesses and referees

In this respect, divorce lawyers will follow the same patterns and structures to a general practice, so do not be surprised when they present their billing in this manner.

Depending upon how amicable the nature of a settlement will be and how drawn out the process is, divorce lawyers will develop their own calculations that are in line with the firm they come to represent. The billing will be inclusive of the evaluations, motions, depositions, expert involvement and various appearances they will have to make either inside or outside a courtroom.

Divorce lawyers will clearly maximise their earnings should a case be extended to include dispute resolutions under contested scenarios. For the betterment of each side, it is strongly advised to come to an understanding with as little legal interference as possible before allowing the attorneys to file the necessary paperwork.

Attorneys should not be seen as a sounding board to bounce ideas off, they should be utilised only for the formalities or when one party feels the need to stand their ground.