For nearly five years, we has been the preferred global elite network of high quality, reliable, quality-monitored, corporate and commercial independent law firms. Corporate counsel and other executives choose 500+ Family lawyers based in over 10 cities worldwide as their primary resource for legal representation.


Mission Statement

Family Legal Sydney is an organisation of leading lawyers working together on a worldwide basis to provide high quality, cost-effective, value-added legal and business solutions. The organization is distinguished by its strong interpersonal international relationships, by knowledge and information sharing, and the ability to quickly mobilize legal experts globally in support of clients.”

Core Values

Beyond the usual expectations of impeccable professional standards, our firm share the same general core values and commit to extend to one another’s clients the professional courtesy of “Best Client” status, assuring seamless service, timely response, transparent and fair billing practices, and open, honest, and direct communication with the client and the referring attorney.