Family Law

Family law is the area of law that addresses family relationships. It includes creating family relationships and breaking them through divorce and termination of parental rights.

Business Law

A knowledge of business law is useful for all students, because all students eventually assume roles as citizens, workers, and consumers in their communities and in society at large.

Education Law

The legal issues facing public and private educational institutions, administrators, educators, staff, and students have evolved and increased in complexity.

Case Investigation

Our unique service offers a bespoke solution utilising international investigation and intelligence techniques.

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Anyone has the right to access and obtain copies of a public entity’s records, regardless of where they live.

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If you need legal advice, we can provide expert, independent and confidential support, as well as specialised services.

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Today’s global companies depend on the expertise of business lawyers who are fluent in the native language, laws, rules, regulations, and customs of their own jurisdiction, yet who are broadly educated and experienced in working with domestic and global clients.

An essential ally and advocate for our members, we promote fair justice systems, facilitate effective law reform, uphold equality in the legal profession and are devoted to eliminating discrimination. We are also the premiere provider of quality legal training and information.