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Separation or divorce presents one of the most stressful situations.

Our family law lawyers in Newport offers a platform for a smoother transition while dealing with domestic issues.

While we cannot prevent it altogether, we at Family Legal Sydney gives you some peace of mind to take care of your family and personal issues, while we deal with the long tiresome court procedures.

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We offer a range of services, including:

Divorce & Separation

Our divorce lawyers will take you through the process to ensure that you secure your share of finances, assets and the best deal for your children.

Prenuptial Agreements

One of our divorce lawyer at Newport will help you draw up or review any prenup agreements in your favor.

Spousal Maintenance

Separation brings with it a wave of anxiety, mostly regarding financial security of a spouse. Our family lawyers at Newport will offer you the best legal counsel, to ensure your financial security.

Property Settlement

Family Legal Sydney has experience consulting on property matters, and we will offer a smooth transit for the best outcomes of splitting income, debts, and any other resources.

Child Support

Divorce during the crucial stages of a child’s growth can be destructive to the child’s moral. With the best legal counsel by your side, our divorce lawyers Newport will help you draw the best agreements to ensure your child only gets the best growing up.

Child Custody

Child custody battles are more than likely to get messy. Our family law experts have experience practicing family law in Newport and will offer you peace of mind knowing your children are not caught up in these court battles.

Domestic Violence & AVOs

Apprehension Violence Orders can be drawn up just in time to put a stop to any ongoing domestic violence.

Family Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers will take you through the conflict resolution process, especially those arising from divorce.

Divorce Lawyers Newport

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Far from the glamor of a wedding, a divorce can be the far opposite with far-reaching psychological consequences.

A divorce is delicate process and should be handled with great precaution. Our professional Family Lawyers Newport will handle the process with care to ensure smooth transitions.

Children raised through a divorced family are more likely to face behavioral, academic or psychological problems compared to those raised in non-divorced families.

We are here to ensure that your kids are brought up well in and we endeavor to ensure that both of the partners say is respected.

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One of the far-reaching consequences of a divorce is a disconnection of the once close bond between family members.

A divorce usually presents the beginning of a series of conflicts, which are more than likely to shatter newlyweds as well as long life partners.

Our local family lawyers near Newport ease the pain of the burden, to ensure that you don’t have to go through it alone.

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