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Are you looking for a St Ives family lawyer to help with your current legal situation?

We understand family law can often be confusing and stressful for everyone involved which is why we have brought together some of the best family lawyers in Sydney.

We have a team of nationally recognised lawyers that are dedicated to non-confrontational divorce, separation as well as other family problems that call for legal help.

Our partnered team of lawyers have extensive knowledge and expertise in family law thus offering you the best, effective service.

We take pride in wide range of expertise in various areas of Australian Family law.

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Our Local Services

Our lawyers are skilled and have extensive knowledge in family law and this allows us to cater to your family legal needs such as:

Divorce & Separation

Going through separation and divorce can be incredibly stressful for family. Our North Shore lawyers can help in ensuring amicable separation/divorce proceedings while minimising stress on you and your family.

Prenuptial Agreements

We help you draft favorable prenup agreements, review them or amend them in the event that your intentions or circumstances have changed. We recommend reviewing this agreement every year to make any changes as required and our lawyers can help by providing advice.

Spousal Maintenance

Whether long-term separation is proving financially difficult or you are worried about how separation & divorce will affect your financial stability; our family law experts in St Ives can help you get spousal support and maintenance from your former spouse so that you are properly taken care of.

Property Settlement

Division of assets can often be complex, confusing and emotional for everyone involved. Our team of lawyers can help you get the best outcome for you and your family.

Child Support

Separation and divorce shouldn’t mean that your children won’t be taken care of. Our team of lawyers helps you draw up child support agreements so that your children are properly supported financially.

Child Custody

Children are often caught in the middle in the event of separation/divorce. Child custody is a confusing area of family law that only the best like us can understand and help you with.

Domestic Violence & AVOs

It is unfortunate that domestic violence is still an issue across Australia. The good news is that Family Law Sydney helps domestic violence victim get protection through provision of Domestic Violence Orders, more commonly known as Apprehension Violence Orders.

Family Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers are skilled and have extensive knowledge about family dispute resolution. We can help with all sorts of conflicts, including ones that arise as a result of the separation and divorce process.

Family law proceedings can often be an ugly and confusing process not only for the couples involved but also the children.

There are many different aspects of family law, and figuring out the finer details can often be stressful and exhausting if you don’t have the experience or knowledge.

Our team of local St Ives lawyers understands how hard divorce can be on couples and children. We can help you handle any unexpected situations that arise, saving you from any more stress.

We take care of you not just as a client, but as one of our own too.

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