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A divorce or a separation can be emotionally draining. You need the all the support you need, and here at Family Legal we’ll give you all the support you need to make it through.

Our legal staff appreciates the unique nature of every family case, giving each case the undivided attention and thoroughness it deserves.

Through us, you’ll get the best legal team near Brooklyn to help you with everything between prenuptial agreements and divorce proceedings.

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We have seen our fair share of family issues, and unlike other firms out there, we not only make sure you come out on top, but we try our best to make sure every party in the proceedings comes out satisfied. Here’s a quick rundown of what we can offer you.

Divorce & Separation

When the worst happens and you can no longer be with your loved one, we’ll help you get through the divorce or separation agreement.

We make sure you get all the legal support you need during the troubling time by seeking a favorable settlement, as well as fighting for your child custody.

Whether it is property settlement, spousal maintenance or helping you through court proceedings, our team can be there to assist every step of the way.

Prenuptial Agreements

Thinking about a divorce even before the wedding might seem like self-sabotage. You trust your vows will stick through thick and thin. Life however, doesn’t work out how we plan it. Being ready for a possible separation or divorce is something you should think about.

Prenuptial agreements are your best shelter should the worst happen and you find yourself in the middle of a divorce. A prenup is an ironclad agreement that protects you from parting with a substantial amount of your hard earned wealth after the divorce.

Child Support

The law requires a spouse to continue offering child support even in the eventuality of a divorce. You might not know the actual value of child support you can claim and that’s where we come in.

Our team of vastly experienced attorneys will get you the best child support arrangement so that you and the kids don’t lose social status after the divorce. This includes getting you the best deal in property settlement and spousal maintenance.

Domestic Violence and Family Dispute Resolution

If you are in an abusive marriage, our services can reduce the pain you’ve been going through.

Our team of legal experts will get Domestic Violence Orders on your behalf to put a halt, once and for all, on the abuse you’ve endured.

Do not suffer in silence. Reach out and we’ll help you find the best legal team to help you with your legal family issues.

No matter your family legal issue, our team of experts can help.

Our team understands that divorce can often be an emotional and stressful period for everyone involved.

We can take care of the legal side of things, so you can take care of your family.

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