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Have you recently found yourself in need of a divorce attorney to help you navigate the difficult area of family law? Are you about to get married and want someone who can craft a prenuptial agreement that will help protect your assets and those of your spouse?

We at Family Legal in Sydney can help. Our team can represent you on these and a variety of other issues related to family law.

We have experts who not only understand all the nuances present in the area of family law, they also understand how compassion and understanding are also needed in these difficult situations. In the area of family law, spouses, relatives, valued possessions and most of all children are involved.

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Family law includes a variety of specialties that all intermingle and can sometimes confuse those who are not knowledgeable about the legal issues involved.

This is where our team comes in. We understand how divorce law, for example, affects issues of custody and may invoke a prenuptial agreement that may have been signed before the marriage began.

Specifically, the areas of law our experts cover include:

Divorce Lawyers

We Handle Divorce

There are few life experiences that are as emotionally wrenching and painful as divorce.

And although no one enters a marriage with the intention of later dissolving these marital bonds, sometimes the unexpected and unwanted happens.

When faced with this life challenge the best you can hope for is to find professionals who will represent you in a fair and compassionate manner. Each family lawyer near Box Hill knows it is essential that our clients feel that they will get that kind of support from us.

Our team of lawyers are fair, sympathetic and offer all the guidance needed to navigate this most difficult time.

Local Family Lawyers Serve You Best

There are definite benefits for clients who decide to retain a local lawyer for their case. Here are just a few advantages:

  • A family lawyer near Box Hill will be able to keep a closer watch on your case than would a lawyer from another area. This will save you and our local legal partners both time and effort and facilitate better communications between you the client and our attorneys.
  • A local attorney will be more familiar with the venue and the laws governing family law in Box Hill. There may be nuances in the laws that are particular to certain areas of Sydney.
  • Local lawyers are important for those who are interested in supporting local businesses. Local attorneys can also often take advantage of their pre-established network of ancillary local experts to help you.
  • Finally, local attorneys are more likely to be familiar with the local courts, judges and opposing counsel, etc. This can give you an added advantage over attorneys who are not native to the Hills Area.
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