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We understand how important it is to have a quality family lawyer in your area.

Our Parramatta lawyers are divorce and family law experts.

Our team in Parramatta have a high level of experience and proven expertise in family law so they can help you with your matter.

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Our team can assist in a wide arrange of family law areas including:

Divorce Lawyer Parramatta

Looking For Divorce Lawyers In Parramatta?

At Family Legal Sydney, our lawyers only work in the area of family law. Our team of experts has the experience, skill, and dedication to make sure the divorce process is run as smoothly as stress-free as possible.

We will talk you through the divorce process and make sure you understand what’s happening every step of the way.

With teams servicing throughout Sydney, each family law lawyer can help you through your divorce or separation near where you live. We take care of the legal side of things so you can take care of your family.

Expert Family Law Advice Is Critical For The Best Outcome

Our team of law firms are experts in the many nuances of family law. We can help you prepare your divorce application and attend court on your behalf.

We want the best result of all of our clients. We try to settle any disputes, property settlements, and situations regarding children with minimum legal costs and stress to everyone involved.

Our team understands how difficult it can be when deciding the parenting arrangements of children and support your child receives from your former spouse. We provide extra care and attention to detail to make sure your child gets the support they deserve.

Family Lawyer Parramatta

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