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Domestic violence is often a messy and sobering issue that impacts many people. It can tear relationships apart, ruining families and damage peoples personal and professional lives.

Domestic violence can cover many issues. It can include physical and emotion abuse, sexual, psychological and verbal abuse. It also includes threatening or coercive behaviour or acts, which are aimed at dominating and/or controlling a family member, partner or ex-partner. This also covers child abuse.

If you find yourself or your children in a abusive situation, then it is best to get legal advice from an experienced family lawyer.

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Can I Get Legal Help?

Unfortunately, many studies show that domestic violence is wide-spread throughout Australia. However, in NSW, the Court can do a lot to protect victims.

The NSW Crimes Act 1900 has an entire chapter created to protect people who fear abuse and domestic violence.

You also don’t have to be a victim of actual violence to seek protection.

If you are a victim of acts that cause you to fear for you own personal safety, the NSW Crimes Act, allows you to seek protection by providing Local Courts the power to make Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs).

Child Of Domestic Violence
Apprehended Violence Order

Family Abuse & Apprehended Violence Orders In NSW

A Family Violence Intervention Order, commonly known as Apprehended Violence Orders, is made against someone when that person has a domestic or personal relationship with another and has allegations of violence, threatened violent, stalking or intimidation made against them

In NSW, an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) is not a criminal charge, but a civil matter.

This means that if a party complies with the conditions of the AVO then they will not get a criminal conviction.

If a person breaks the conditions of the AVO then they could be charged with a criminal offence. If this has happened to you, consult a lawyer immediately.

Domestic Violence Lawyers In Sydney

Domestic Violence impacts many Sydney families. Our team of family law experts aims to help our clients get through this stressful period as easily and quickly as possible.

If you or a family member have been a victim of family violence, contact one of our Sydney Domestic Violence Lawyers for assistance.

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